From Wook’s Food Odyssey (2 methods)

Method 1:

  1. Combine frying mix and soft flour at 1:1 ratio, separate egg yolks from whites and add to bowl. *One tip is to add egg yolks to the batter to give it a nice color and flavour (he added 2 yolks).
  2. Another tip! If you really want crispy fried shrimp, add enough sparkling water to cover the flour. If you add sparkling water, bubbles will form on the dough.
  3. Add ice and stir lightly (to lower the temperature of the batter) – he used chopsticks to stir.
  4. Before frying the shrimp, take this part out of the tail (the small hangnail looking section of the tail). Otherwise, grease might get everywhere when frying.
  5. Deshell and remove shrimp head.
  6. Coat the shrimp with batter after dusting off with flour. A bit of flour will help the batter coat better.
  7. Heat oil and fry in hot oil. *Tip! The oil is hot enough (180 – 190 Celsius) if the batter drops about half way and surfaces, creating a ring of bubbles on top.
  8. Drain and serve.


Method 2:

Can fry: Sweet potato, corn, asparagus

  1. Heat the oil (a mixture of 2 – 3 diff oils). Add 1 spoonful of sesame oil to vegetable oil.
  2. Batter: Crack an egg into cold water and whisk until it foams. *Tip: Egg whites can be beaten more easily when they are in water.
  3. Add some cake flour to the batter mix (lower in gluten) (ratio 1:1 of egg+water mixture:flour). *Tip: Use chopsticks to mix flour and eggs in figure 8 motion very lightly. If you over stir, too much gluten will be produced and won’t be as crispy.
  4. Season vegetables with salt.
  5. Corn: Pour batter over seasoned corn, use ladle to scoop and put into hot oil, don’t let the kernels disperse.
  6. Sweet potato: Coat with batter and fry, flip on different sides. He took 20 mins.
  7. Asparagus: Coat with batter and fry.
  8. Drain and serve.







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