Cold Soba

Verdict: An easy healthy noodle option to make. It’s a regular in my kitchen! Use cha soba for a green tea alternative to plain buckwheat noodles. 

Dipping sauce:

  1. 1 part store-bought dipping sauce + 1 part water (1:1) *Might want to start with a 2:1 ratio first, then add on water if needed (since it’s a dipping sauce instead of a soup, it should be stronger)

    Soba noodles:

    1. Boil water in a pot.
    2. Add 200g soba (100g per person) to boiling water. Stir soba gently.
    3. Bring water back to boil and do noodle test.
    4. Drain in colander when noodle is cooked to your desired softness level. Reserve soba cooking water
    5. Wash noodles under running water to get rid of starch until water runs clear.
    6. Strain. Pick up noodles in batches using hands and arrange them in one direction by folding on the serving plate.

      Serving the dish:

      1. Noodles: strained washed soba, sprinkle sesame seeds, cut seaweed and scallions onto noodles. Can also serve with side dishes like chicken chop (as pictured), tempura, chicken karaage, raw quill’s egg, etc.
      2. Dipping sauce: Serve sauce in a small bowl or cup, add condiments if you want (e.g. spring onions, chopped seaweed, roasted sesame seeds).
      3. After meal: Thin dipping sauce with reserved soba cooking water to become a soup.

      Thank you:


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