Sambal Brinjal & Long Beans

Verdict: Can do again!

  1. Heat up wok and add cooking oil.
  2. Tumis 1.5 tbsp sambal hae bee (shrimp sambal) until fragrant – gotten mine from Baba Charlie’s in Melaka.
  3. Add a little bit of extra virgin coconut oil and add 2 sliced onions.
  4. Add in cut pre-cooked long beans (I added 5 strips).
  5. Add in cut brinjal (soak in water after cutting to avoid browning and drain before cooking).
  6. Stir fry all ingredients to desired doneness.
  7. Add fish sauce and sugar to taste.
  8. Serve.


Note to self: Pre-cook the long beans first as it takes a loooooong time to soften and get rid of the ‘raw’ taste. Soaking in hot water is not good enough.

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