Verdict: Tastes like the infamous Korean Spicy Instant Ramyeon! Very spicy with a kick!

Baek’s Western Brunch

From Home Food Rescue Season 2 🙂 Recipe 1: Fried Potatoes + sunny side up eggs Wash and cube potatoes – cut it so that each cube has skin. Heat up oil  in pan, add in potatoes, skinless side down. Finely chop onions, add into pan when potatoes are almost done (browning  stage). Flip potatoes…

Wantan Mee

Verdict: Success! Was fun creating different shapes of wantan, but the noodles were too time consuming as each plate needed to be prepared separately. Might want to do only the wantan soup, to be served with rice instead of noodles.

Cold Soba

Verdict: An easy healthy noodle option to make. It’s a regular in my kitchen! Use cha soba for a green tea alternative to plain buckwheat noodles. 

Korean Rice Balls

Verdict: An easier and cheaper alternative to Kimbap! Ituses the same ingredients

Homemade Barley Drink

Verdict: Make this when you are feeling heaty! Tastes great warm, room temperature or iced. I love chewing on the cooked barley bits (adds bulk to your tummy like vege).

Spicy Korean Sausage Stew

Verdict: Success! Cha Seung Won cooked this on 3 Meals a Day on a super hot day (34 degrees)! Wonder how they managed to eat this through the sweltering heat @.@ Perfect for a cold day 🙂